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Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

☞ Context: the Amazon Forest is a tropical rainforest based in south america. The forest is located for about 65% of his territory in Brazil, but it extends also to Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana.
The #infopoetry project is inspired by the data concerning deforestation of this rainforest area. The work of destruction started in 1940, when the governments of the region decided to exploit the forestry and mineral resources. The data on which the project is based on start from the period just before 1970. For this reason was considered the coverage of that period like 100% of the original forest.

#infopoetry is a form of data-art, based on visual metaphors which allow to show more than the data, tell a story and provide an overview of a phenomena.

☞ Book: the artifact is a book where the pages represent the forest area. Each page represents one year and has a different length compared to others, in relation to the amount of forest eliminated each year.
The book is built from the end to the beginning, from 2015 to before-1970, from the shortest to the largest page. In before-1970 the forest coverage was 4,100,000 km2 (100%) and in 2015 the coverage was 3,331,065 km2 (81.2%). For each page is show the year, the existing forest cover in that year and the amount of annual loss.
The aim of the project is to make visually understandable at first impact how the territorial coverage of the Amazon has changed during 45 years. At first sight, you can see the area of the pages decrease progressively from right to left, but reading the text on each sheet allow you to understand the reason why the pages have different formats.
Data are provived by the Brazilian National Institute of Space Research (INPE) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

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