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Bretzel Zoo

☞ Description: The web application is a community where users can sell, buy and exchange their video games. For gamers enthusiast at all levels. The platform allow the user to create a personal experience during the games search and purchase, building a personal profile based on interests and user needs. The concept came from the needs of the gamers who wants more support in the purchase process. Through direct interview, field observations and specialized forum readings different needs emerged: spending little, selling and exchange finished games and connecting with other people to create community. The web platform is based on the e-commerce model, using a visual language similar to the most popular video games websites.

You can use the prototype of the application here → Bretzel Zoo.

☞ Design process: Through an interview in the form of an interview, information was collected about the players' gaming experience. In particular, attention has been focused on the three main moments: before, during and after the game. These moments therefore correspond to the purchase, consumption and eventual sale of the finished game. Through the answers obtained and a process of analysis, 5 people were created useful for the development of the project. The needs emerged from the interviews were fundamental for the definition of the concept of the application. To define all the functionalities of the service we created a huge map that represented the entire website. From this the key steps were then extracted, for the creation of the main screens for the prototype.

Bretzel Zoo complies unexpressed needs of the users in a growning industry. Fosters collaboration between people with different experiences.

☞ Team: Serena Del Nero / Marco Mezzadra / Chiara Miceli / Alessandro Zotta

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