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One billion iPhone: iPhone lenght

☞ Context: the idea of the project is to represent the huge utilization of smartphones, in particular the iconic Apple device, the iPhone. An iPhone represents many things: high technology, luxury, a good usage of design and also a part of our daily life. But what if it could represent other things? What if you start to use your iPhone to measure things?
The purpose is to calculate how much distance you can cover if you line up, considering the longer side, all the iPhones sold since the first model up to the iPhone SE. Based on the fact that the number of phones sold reached one billion pieces even before the release of iPhone 7, I could imagine this distance as huge, but what I did not expect was to entirely cover the Earth from the artic circle to the antarctica almost seven times.

To see the project I designed, please visit the mini-site → One billion iPhone: iPhone lenght

That’s what the project is about: taking the device out of your pocket and bringing it off scale to use it out of its context.

☞ Interactive application: the idea is let the user have a trip across the sky in a spatial environment as direct consequence of the great distance to be covered, precisely 133,609 kilometers, calculating the route on the size of the diameter of each planet of our solar system.
The project consists in a trip simulation in first person where the user can travel through different planets and satellite. Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus and the big Saturn which is the only planet not completely circled due to its very large size. In order to accompany the immersion into the interplanetar trip, there is some useful information which let the user understand how many millions of iPhone have been lined up and how much kilometers was traveled.
The project has been realized through the use of javascript library p5js, that allows to realize through the programming of visual projects, creative and artistic.

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