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IS a Brand

☞ Research: the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is currently the most popular of the violent extremist movements and its success is due to the attention given by ISIS leadership to the strategic use of mass communication. ISIS has developed a strong brand image that made the organisation known, recognizable and strongly characterized. The research was directed on the web to understand the evolution process of the image of the IS.
The analysis of the IS over time has highlighted some elements of the official communication that can be related with those of a company. The issues were mapped, starting from Google Trends searches for "ISIS" and the progression of the definition on Wikipedia of the IS to figure out when and how the brand was built and defined. The research process is then directed to what is called “the official brand communication” and to the one given by the main european media and on Google Images, as a complementary part of our analysis. A focus is made on the linguistic content — mode and tone, words and topics — and in the visual content of the images that create the brand identity of the Islamic State. The balance and the coexistence of all these elements constitute the brand image of the IS, the overall ideas and imaginary of the Islamic State recognized in the world.

The research website is published on DensityDesign page → IS a brand

☞ Diving into the web, phase 2 of 3: the project was developed during the 2016/2017 edition of DensityDesign final synthesis studio, with the aim of learning to observe and represent controversial phenomena from different perspectives, and to visually communicate them to different publics.
The output of the second phase is a research website in which we studied the communication strategies of the Islamic State and its resonance in both the media and the public. The main challenge that we faced in this phase was to define the protocols to collect our raw material, sometimes even by building our own codes and tools.
To read about the firts and third phase → The Journey of Foreign Fighters and JOIN US

☞ Team:
Serena Del Nero / Marco Mezzadra / Claudia Pazzaglia / Alessandro Riva / Alessandro Zotta

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