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☞ Exhibition: the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is currently the most popular of the violent extremist movements. How did the IS manage to spread his message on a global scale? ISIS’ communication strategies were analyzed and data were collected in an attempt to answer those and more questions.
We designed a data experience made for the people: an informational space designed to engage with the issues of radicalization, an opportunity to understand the propaganda of the Islamic State and its resonance. We designed the installation creating engagement in the user at first sight, a shocking revelation at the entrance and finally the results of our research are delivered. The installation includes posters, video and audio pieces as well as physical objects to be touched and explored by hand.

To see the project we designed and built for this phase, please visit the mini-site → JOIN US

☞ Data driven exhibition, phase 3 of 3: the project was developed during the 2016/2017 edition of DensityDesign final synthesis studio, with the aim of learning to observe and represent controversial phenomena from different perspectives, and to visually communicate them to different publics.
This phase, the third, was focused on the public communication of the topic using the data collected in the previous phase, creating an installation that allows the user to physically “enter” in the dataset.
To read about the firts and second phase → The Journey of Foreign Fighters and IS a Brand

☞ DensityDesign OpenDay: the installation is visible from 27 february to 3 march 2017 at Politecnico di Milano, Campus Bovisa B2 Building ground floor. For the DD OpenDay all the projects in the exhibition were publicy presented in front of professors and guests.

☞ Team:
Serena Del Nero / Marco Mezzadra / Claudia Pazzaglia / Alessandro Riva / Alessandro Zotta

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