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Mafia Capitale

☞ Report: the project develops the analysis of the news about Mafia Capitale in the media, to investigate how the italian national media have sided against the events. The analysis was conducted on the five main channels of information dissemination: newspapers (paper and online), television programs, blogs and social networks. The end result was a report showing the qualitative and quantitative analysis carried out on the total of the material collected, in three specific periods of the year: from 2 to 6 december 2014, from 1 to 11 june 2015 and from 4 to 6 november 2015.
For each communication channel, were used several infographics to analyze the quantity of materials, its time distribution in the three periods considered, the relevance of the news, the names mentioned in it and the program guests, and so on. In the qualitative analysis, a data-based consideration is taken, drawing on the sums of how the media has been dealt with that news.

The operation of ROS “Mondo di Mezzo“ in december 2014 brings to light the existence of an organization operating in the city of Rome and Lazio, led by Massimo Carminati and his right arm Salvatore Buzzi called “Mafia Capitale”.

☞ Interactive atlas: finally it has been suggested the concept for the construction of a “Digital Altas of Mafia Capitale”, that allows to simplify the complex relationships of this mafia network.
The interactive digital atlas we design will trace the development of the news in chronological order of how traditional communication channels have disclosed the information, advancing in time thanks to a timeline that gradually allows you to find all the parts that make up the network . The news can also be read from several different points of view to understand the different implications of Mafia Capitale in other events.

☞ Team: Serena Del Nero / Valeria Brienza / Elena Mariani / Chiara Miceli / Alessandro Riva / Alessandro Zotta

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