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My Facebook chart

☞ Context: The visualization is an investigation on my use of Facebook social network according to my Safari browser history in august 2016. What you can see is the difference with which I use the different contents of the platform. Photos, videos, profiles, fanpage, external links. Specifically with regard to external links as well as being divided by category, in that of e-commerce i also explored my possible and real expenses.

What kind of contents I research the most and how I browse through them on facebook? What type of website I come into contact outside the platform?

☞ Description: during 2016 Facebook was the social network I most used, what you see in the table is a small part of my activities on the platform. The choice to analyze only one month in my Facebook history depends on the fact that the data available to me were very many and by comparing different periods the month of august proved to be the most interesting. August is indeed the month of summer holidays where there is the possibility of having more free time to devote to leisure activities.
The visualization was useful to understand how I use social networks and how much time I spend on them. Do I use them in "good way" as a source of information or just for stalking and entertainment? how much do advertising affect my purchases?

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