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Polimi Design Journey

☞ Description: me and the team make the most of the large 9 meters wall surface of the pavilion. We decided to use it as a narrative tool to show to the visitors what we called “The Polimi Design Journey”: through the means of data visualization, we illustrated the journey of each Polimi student from when they first apply to Politecnico, through Bachelor Degrees and consecutively through Master Degrees, all the way to the phd programs and master courses.
Our starting point was "School of Design" by DensityDesign. From there, we decided to drammatically simplify the storytelling of the visualization to its core structure in order to offer a quick and efficient picture of the School of design system to the visitors of the pavilion. An overall data update was undertaken as well to depict the most recent version of the school.
After the exhibition at the Salone del Mobile ended, the visualization was moved inside the main building of the Design School at Politecnico for permanent display. In addition to the main wall of the pavilion, we also curated the new identity of the Polimi Design System and the institutional informative flyer.

Salone Internazionale del Mobile
Hall 6 entrance stand - from 12 to 17 april 2016, Milano

☞ Design Week: in 2016 the Design School of Politecnico di Milano entered the Salone del Mobile for the first time with its own pavilion — up until 2015 it held a dedicated space at the salone satellite.

☞ Client: Politecnico di Milano → Polimi Design System

☞ Team: Serena Del Nero / Chiara Miceli / Alessandro Zotta

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