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Rappresentazione e realtà

Winner at the Mimesis Book Trailer contest: Silver - Best video

☞ Concept: the concept of the project is to convey the atmosphere contained in the book “Rappresentazione e realtà” by carrying the viewer out into a dreamlike dimension linked to the philosophical argumentations that evolve throughout the volume.
The best way to achieve that is to represent the contents of the book through abstract images, at most referable to known solid geometry that still doesn’t commemorate elements of the real world.

☞ First version: the soundtrack and the additional sound effects convey the idea of enormous, infinite spaces, and play the prime role in the development of the settings of the trailer.
The structure is articulated in three main scenes, punctuated by the contents of the book and are also reflected into the three questions proposed by the narration voice. Each one of the scenes has peculiar characteristics that differentiate it from the others both for the object of argumentation and for the visual code adopted to represent it. These questions were tailor made to anticipate the themes of the book by explicitly present the fields of investigation. The ultimate subject of the trailer is contrast: white and black, light and darkness, finite and infinite, sensible and conceptual, real and abstract.
The videos has been realized through the use of Cinema4D for the creation of solids, the application of materials and their animation. Subsequently, texts and scenes were combined with AfterEffects.

☞ Accesible version: the second version of the book trailer was designed to make it accessible to both visually impaired and deaf people.
Through the addition of very specific sound effects and on-screen text, we attempted to convey the entirety of contents that an able-bodied user can catch. The added text shows the question for each scene and is gently animated to blend in the overall motion of elements.

☞ English text:

does the unreality of the dreamlike imaginary
talk to the sensible reality?

If the mental image is limited
is it so for perception as well?

what are the dynamics
that rule the transition from the sensible imaginary
to the conceptual representation?

☞ Awards: the first verion of this motion graphics took part of the Mimesis Edizioni Book Trailer Contest in 2016. Rappresentazione e realtà was awarded with silver prize by the quality jury on 9 june.

☞ Team: Serena Del Nero / Marco Mezzadra / Chiara Miceli / Alessandro Zotta

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